To walk on water in worship

What does that mean for you?

Last week, I wrote about the Lord inviting us to deeper waters, and as an afterthought, I mentioned Peter walking on water. It's a familiar story, but I hope we never lose sight of its uniqueness and sheer wonder.

Picture the disciples in a boat, feeling safe, when Peter calls out to the Lord. He wants to walk on water with Him, and there's a parallel here with worship.

As worship leaders, ministries, teams, and artists, we're all in this boat of the status quo, faithfully doing our part.

But what if there’s more?

What if instead of rowing our boat, we could walk on water?

What would that look like for me as a worship leader? For my worship team, for my church?

Walking on water is about wanting to be where He is. It’s not so much about the impossibility of the task - as it was about Peter wanting to be where Jesus was - regardless of what impossibility was in the way.

Walking on water demands that we keep our eyes fixed on Him and not be distracted by circumstances or what others are doing (sitting in the boat of comfort and safety).

We must ask ourselves: Where is the Lord calling us out to? What is the Lord doing in worship? What does He want to accomplish? How can we step out into the unknown and walk upon impossibility towards Him?

Maybe for some, it’s signs and wonders in a service.

Maybe for others, it’s having the whole room united with one voice

Maybe for you, it’s leading beyond the setlist.

Maybe for others, it’s listening to Him as you make your way through the set.

Maybe it’s having a whole set of spontaneous songs,

Maybe it’s a whole set of silence.

I don't have all the answers; only you know what He is calling you to do.

What if we intentionally asked Him - ” If it’s You out there, call me out upon the waters!”

Let's meet Him out there together.

Remember: Don’t just lead worship; lead people into an encounter.

Help me serve you better.
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