The life you want tomorrow

… is a lagging indicator of today

Success and failure are both the outcomes of our actions over time.

In a simple analogy, what is the difference between a farmer with a fruitful crop versus a farmer with barren fields? One sowed seed, and the other didn’t.

Success is a delayed result of investing time, effort, and resources early on, while failure is the delayed result of in-action or poor decisions.

Our health offers another example: An energized healthy body is an outcome of past decisions for good care; an unhealthy one shows neglected self-care measures earlier.

We make decisions for immediate gratification, forgetting that decisions today create or destroy the future we want tomorrow.

Sometimes comfort and security define success which keeps us complacent until urgency strikes;

Disconnecting results from efforts can lead to complacency and even set us up for failure.

And this works across all aspects of life, including honing your craft, whether musical instruments or vocals - consistent small actions bring noticeable improvement over time.

Remember, success or failure is a lagging indicator of the choices we make today. The life you want tomorrow is a result of the choices you make and the actions you take today. I know you probably know that, but it's worth repeating - cause I often forget.


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